Getting Steamed Over Crab Legs

May 4, 2021


Pirate’s Table Calabash Seafood Buffet offers steamed crab legs on its buffet, and this seafood delicacy is the family-friendly Myrtle Beach restaurant’s most popular dish.

We steam crab legs rather than boil them, because boiling lets too much moisture inside the shells. This causes the meat to be mushy, and cracking boiled crab legs open can be quite messy due to water gushing out of them.

Steaming crab legs, on the other hand, quickly warms and cooks the meat without softening it too much. That makes the meat easy to slide out of its shell and pop into your mouth.

Here is an interesting fact about our crab legs: we do not season them. It is our opinion that Alaskan crab leg meat tastes just right as it is, without salt or any other seasoning. The sea salt they lived in makes their meat perfectly sweet and salty.

Some of our guests come aboard our buffet ship specifically for the crab legs, because it is such a treat to be able to eat as many as you like. We provide clarified butter and plenty of lemon wedges as condiments.

On a busy night, we serve as much as 1,500 pounds of crab legs!

You are invited to come fill your plate with crab legs (and a lot of other tasty dishes) at Pirate’s Table Calabash Seafood Buffet, located at 1100 Water Ave. in Surfside Beach. We are convenient to the oceanfront hotels in Myrtle Beach. Your children will enjoy their special dishes, along with pirate servers and a live mermaid swimming in a tropical lagoon under a waterfall.


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