Haley Mermaid Offers Advice

June 11, 2021

Haley Mermaid is the head mermaid at Pirate’s Table Seafood Buffet, and she had to learn a lot to become the professional mermaid she is today.

Haley has always been a mermaid at heart, and she started making mermaid tails for herself when she was 11 years old. She got her first realistic tail when she was 13, and had her first job as a mermaid at age 17.

To train to become a professional mermaid, Haley began by learning and practicing dolphin kicks with a monofin, which is a flipper that holds feet together so that the swimmer gets extra power with each kick. Haley says she practiced for years before feeling confident that she could swim like a professional mermaid.

Haley Mermaid also pushed herself to learn how to swim with her eyes open underwater, and she took an underwater modeling class to learn how to feel comfortable and look pretty while swimming.

But being a mermaid is also about water safety, so she earned her Scuba and lifeguard certifications.

“Being a lifeguard is important to me, because I am often left in a pool full of children who aren’t the best swimmers, and I need to be able to keep them safe.”

A great mermaid is also comfortable in playing her role, so to further that skill Haley has taken many acting classes, including improv, and in 2019 earned a bachelor’s degree in theatre.

Every night Haley answers many questions from children, like “What do mermaids eat?” and “Do the sharks try to eat you?” Her training helps her perform her role like the professional she is.

Haley also takes her role in the community seriously, and she often talks about mermaid tail safety on her website, which is, and on her social media: @haleymermaid on Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

“Mermaids are very popular,” Haley Mermaid says, “and tails are readily available online. It’s extremely important to know that not all of these tails are properly made or safe to use. You need an appropriate and safely made monofin inside your tail. In order to swim in a mermaid tail, you must be a strong swimmer who is age 6 or older, and be able to pass a basic swim test…Full safety information is available on my website.”


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